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HOJE: Seminários dos profs. Bernardo Mueller e Fernando Meneguin


Esta palestra será realizada no YouTube:  

Call for papers: LAWLE 2021

LAWLE 2021

7th Latin American Workshop in Law and Economics
George Mason University, Arlington, VA, USA, November 19, 2021


(Further information will be posted as it becomes available; last updated July 2, 2021)


Seventh Latin American Workshop in Law and Economics

LAWLE 2021

George Mason University, November 19, 2021

George Mason University, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, ITAM, Universidad de los Andes and University of Brasilia invite submissions of research papers for the virtual event Seventh Latin American Workshop in Law and Economics, LAWLE 2021 to be held on November 19, 2021 at the Antonin Scalia Law School, GMU, Arlington, VA.

We are looking for papers that cut across the fields of Law, Economics, Political Science, and related areas. For a better idea of the sort of topics covered in the conference, see programs of previous Lawle at 

Submissions of papers should be made by August 30, 2021

Send submissions in pdf format as e-mail attachment to:

Please, write: “Submission to LAWLE 2021” in the subject field of your e-mail message.

Selection results will be announced by September 20, 2021. 

We look forward to meeting you in November!

Warmest regards,

Nuno Garoupa

President of the Organizing Committee of LAWLE 2021


PROGRAM PAGE (with papers, tba)


Nuno Garoupa (Antonin Scalia Law SchoolGeorge Mason University, GMU), Chair

Mauricio Bugarin (Universidade de Brasília, UnB)

Alvaro Bustos (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, PUC-Chile)

Eleonora Lozano (Universidad de Los Andes, Uniandes)

Joyce Sadka (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, ITAM)

Segunda, 5/7/21, 9h30: Abertura do Simpósio sobre Sistema Político Brasileiro

Tem início nesta segunda-feira, dia 5 de julho de 2021, o Simpósio Interdisciplinar sobre o Sistema Político Brasileiro & XI Jornada de Pesquisa e Extensão da Câmara dos Deputados, evento co-organizado pelo Economics and Politics Research Group-EPRG.

A Mesa de Abertura contará com os dirigentes máximos das instituições que organizam o evento:

Márcia Abrahão Moura, Reitora da UnB

Marcelo Viana, Diretor-Geral do IMPA

Celso de Barros Correia Neto, Diretor-Geral da Câmara dos Deputados

Após a mesa de abertura, às 10 horas, o Ministro do Supremo Tribunal Federal, Luís Roberto Barroso, presidente do Tribunal Superior Eleitoral proferirá a palestra de abertura do evento.

Caso tenha interesse, poderá assistir a todas as sessões do evento no youtube: as apresentações serão conduzidas em modalidade virtual, com uso da plataforma Zoom e transmissão no canal do YouTube do Impa:

O programa completo do evento pode ser consultado aqui:

HOJE: Imperdível AULA MAGNA: Economia do Crime, Rodrigo Soares, 19hs

Atenção! Hoje teremos a imperdível AULA MAGNA de abertura do Mestrado Profissional do ECO com o prof. Rodrigo Soares, Lemann Professor of Brazilian Public Policy and International and Public Affairs da Columbia University, às 19 horas, via zoom.

Evento: Simpósio Interdisciplinar sobre o Sistema Político Brasileiro IMPA/EPRG/CEFOR

      Em conjunto com o IMPA/CNPq, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada e com o CEFOR/Câmara dos Deputados, Centro de Formação, Treinamento e Aperfeiçoamento da Câmara dos Deputados, o EPRG, Economics and Politics Research Group/UnB está organizando o “Simpósio Interdisciplinar sobre o Sistema Político Brasileiro“, a ser realizado virtualmente (via web) nos dias 5 a 9 de julho deste ano de 2021.
     O evento, que contará com a palestra de abertura do Ministro Luís Roberto Barroso do Supremo Tribunal Federal, atualmente presidente do  Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, tem por objetivo fomentar a discussão acadêmica sobre temas relacionados ao sistema político brasileiro.
     O evento será realizado em conjunto com a XI Jornada de Pesquisa e Extensão da Câmara dos Deputados.
     Já estão abertas as inscrições bem como a submissão de artigos para apresentação no evento. Vejam aqui.
     Recomendo aos interessados fazerem logo suaas inscrições gratuitas e submeterem seus artigos de pesquisa.

The (Virtual) World Congress of the Econometric Society has started!

The World Congress of the Econometric Society started today!!

Please join the online presentations here:

There will be a great number of fantastic presentations.

I will be presenting the paper: “Elections, Heterogeneity of Central Bankers and Inflationary Pressure: The case for staggered terms for the president and the central banker

It will be presented in Session 72: “Topics in Monetary Policy I”, on Thursday, August 20, 2020, at 18:00 UTC, which corresponds to 15:00 in Brasilia and 13:00 in Nashville.

The recorded session is already available on the ESWC 2020 site or directly here on youtube:

Mine is the second of three presentations. It starts around the 33rd minute.

In a few words, the paper shows that dealing with inflationary pressures is much costlier in heterogeneous societies in which there are very different preferences regarding the trade-off inflation-growth. The main policy suggestion is that having staggered terms for the president and the central banker reduces informational asymmetries and, thereby, the social cost of monetary stabilizations.

On Thursday, all the presenters will be available online for questions from the audience, only on the WCES’s site.

Hope to see you there!


Seminar at Universidad del CEMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina on Friday, May 22, 2020

I will present a zoom seminar at the Universidad del CEMA, Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 22, 2020 at 1pm, Brasilia (and Buenos Aires time), 11 am CDT.

Please find here the list of UCEMA’s “Seminarios de Análisis Económico”:

Please find below a copy of UCEMA’s announcement. The virtual seminar is open access, but you need to register in order to be able to access it. To register, click here.

Análisis Económico: Job security, attitude towards risk and preference for social insurance: A note on ‘Earnings inequality and welfare spending’ by Moene and Wallerstein

In a seminal 2003 article, Karl Moene and Michael Wallerstein show that richer citizens support higher spending in social policies targeting the unemployed, whereas they prefer lower spending in policies targeting the employed. This paper argues that this result is driven by two strong assumptions: citizens’ coefficient of relative risk aversion (CRRA) is greater than one, and all citizens face the same probability of losing their jobs. By modelling the stylized fact that job security is positively correlated with income, we show that much higher levels of risk aversion may be needed for the rich to support higher spending in unemployment policy. Furthermore, a significant change in the distribution of job security – due to a sudden economic crisis, for example – may alter the way inequality affects preferences for social insurance. A case study for Brazil before and after the 2008 World Financial Crisis illustrates of such social preference change.


Mauricio Bugarin: University of Brasilia and Vanderbilt University

El seminario será dictado en inglés sin traducción simultánea y está basado un trabajo en co autoría con Yasushi Hazama ( Institute of Developing Economies, IDE/JETRO, Japón)

Descargar paper.



Paper accepted for presentation in the 12th World Congress of the Econometric Society: ESWC 2020

The paper Elections, Heterogeneity of Central Bankers and Inflationary Pressure: the case for staggered terms for the president and the central banker”, co-authored with Fábia A. de Carvalho was accepted for presentation in the 12th World Congress of the Econometric Society: ESWC 2020.

The World Congress of the Econometric Society is the most important meeting of the Econometric Society and is held once every five years. This years’ meeting was expected to take place at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy but, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Congress is going virtual.

Please read the version of the paper accepted for presentation at the ESWC 2020 here.

Call for papers and book launch submission: 7th Annual Meeting of the EPRG


Evento Extraordinário EPRG: Brasileiros no Japão, SEGUNDA, 23/9, 16hs, FACE/UnB

Economics and Politics Research Group (EPRG,, o Programa CAPES-JSPS “Partnership for a change: Toward a Framework of Brazil-Japan Cooperation to Engage in Current and Future Issues” e o Programa Capes PrINT “Desigualdade, globalização, e seus efeitos sobre a sociedade contemporânea” têm o prazer de convidá-lo(a) para o Evento EXTRAORDINÁRIO descrito a seguir.

Brasileiros no Japão: Situação atual e perspectivas

Seminário: Keiichi Yamazaki, Yokohama National University, Japan.

Mesa redonda:
Keiichi Yamazaki, Yokohama National University, Japan.
Hiroyuki Suzuki, Chefe, Departamento Cultural, Embaixada do Japão no Brasil
Alice Joko, Departamento de Línguas Estrangeiras e Tradução– LET/UnB
Maurício Bugarin, Departamento de Economia, UnB

Confraternização: Após a mesa redonda.

Data: Segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2019
Horário: 16h00-18h00
Local: Auditório VERDE da FACE, Universidade de Brasília, Campus Darcy Ribeiro, Asa Norte, Brasília

O programa completo do Ciclo 2019-II de Seminários de Pesquisa do EPRG está disponível no site do grupo: