Papers in the Journal of Applied Economics now freely available for download

The Journal of Applied Economics-JAE has made all papers available online:

JAE transferred to Routledge and Taylor & Francis

Our Journal is undergoing a transition since it is being transferred to Routledge/Taylor and Francis. The Journal of Applied Economics is becoming an Open Access journal. Open Access (OA) means you can publish your research so it is free to access online as soon as it is published, meaning anyone can read (and cite) your work.

You can read and download my papers published in JAE from the following sites:

Strategic partisan transfers in a federation: Evidence from a new Brazilian database”. Journal of Applied Economics, 20(2): 211-239, 2017. Co-author: Fernanda Marciniuk. Leading article.

Should Voting Be Mandatory? The effect of compulsory voting rules on candidates’ political platforms”. Journal of Applied Economics 18(1): 1-19, 2015. Co-author: Adriana Portugal. Leading article.

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