Paper accepted for presentation at the North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (NASM, 2017)

O artigo “Electronic voting and Social Spending:The impact of enfranchisement on municipal public spending in Brazil” coautorado por Rodrigo Schneider e Diloá Athias foi aceito para apresentação no 2017 North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society (NASM), 15 a 17 de junho de 2017 em Saint Louis, Missouri, USA.

Veja abaixo o resumo do trabalho:


This article studies the effect of voting enfranchisement biased towards the low-income voters in Brazil and its consequences on municipal level public spending. According to the model constructed, enfranchisement of the poor increases social spending. This prediction is empirically tested by using electronic voting (EV) in Brazil as an instrument, which has positively affected voting enfranchisement without directly influencing public spending. We apply two different methodologies: a 2SLS regression and a differences-in-differences methodology to show that municipalities that used EV spent more on health, education and public employment compared to the ones that did not, which confirmed the hypothesis presented in our model.

Key words: Electronic voting; political participation; politically motivated intergovernmental transfers; social public spending.

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