Paper on Compensations to Corruption Whistleblowers at Brasil Economia e Governo

The general interest article “Ética & Incentivos: o que diz a Teoria Econômica sobre recompensar quem denuncia a corrupção?” was published this week in the Economics blog “Brasil Economia e Governo”.

The article, in Portuguese, presents an economic analysis of a Bill that passed the Brazilian Federal District House of Representatives this month. The bill establishes a compensation for whistleblowers that, thanks to their initiative, are able to curb corruption and recover diverted public resources. The bill was later vetoed by the Federal District Governor.

Brasil Economia e Governo is an economics and government blog that was selected the best economics & finance blog in Brazil in 2011 and in 2012 according to Top Blog. Its goal it to offer didactic analyses of economic questions that are highly relevant to Brazilian development, most especially those that depend on the government action.

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