Prof. Luciano Timm confirmed participation in LAWLE 2017

Resultado de imagem para LUCIANO TIMM

We are pleased to announce that prof. Luciano Timm, UNISINOS Law School has confirmed he will participate in LAWLE 2017.

Prof. Luciano Timm is the President of the Brazilian Law and Economics Association, ABDE.

From Carvalho, Machado e Timm Advogados:

Luciano Timm has worked as a corporate lawyer since 1994, with a professional experience both in the south of Brazil and in São Paulo. Apart from his legal education, his legal practice is especially focused on the commercial and business impacts of each of the clients’ operations. He is well known for bringing elements of his academic experience in Law and Economics to the legal practice. Luciano is often retained for the drafting and negotiation of agreements in complex projects, as well as legal opinions. Moreover, he is highly recognised in the arbitration sphere in the main arbitral chambers in Brazil and abroad, working with matters related to corporate law, torts, real estate and construction matters, among others.


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