Research at the Brazilian Senate and in the media

The article “Moral & Incentives: An applied mechanism design and legal analysis of a bill that rewards citizens for denouncing corruption in Brazil”, co-authored with Tomás Bugarin, has been presented at the First Latin American Workshop in Law and Economics (First LAWLE) in Santiago, Chile, on November 21, 2014. A an earlier article, published at the Brasil, Economia e Governo“, was used as a main reference by Brazilian Federal Senator Randolfe Rodrigues to support his vote in favor of financial incentives to deter corruption.

Please read Senator Rodrigues vote (in Portuguese) here.

Furthermore, the Brazilian Law journal Carta Forense dedicated its October issue to the debate on financial rewards to corruption whistleblowing  and, once again, that earlier article was cited as a main reference.

Please read the complete article (in Portuguese) by Brazilian Prosecutor Eduardo Del-Campo here.

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